Aperture science to barrens chat
Cyrodiil to Demacia

calamity jamie

Leona main, formerly recovering
resto druid,jump-scaredycat.
Appreciator of triple-As & indies alike.

calamity jamie & the #trybesties

Once upon a time, in a game lobby long ago, a stranger uttered two inspirational words: "Try Best." Adopted as the mantra and title of the calamity community, #TryBesties are supportive, welcoming, & kind. Swing by sometime!

Magical Mercenary

Dreaming of streaming, building a community, making the world better - but don't know where to start? Never fear. I've built communities in colleges, hosted black-tie fundraisers and helped streamers find their unique voice. Let's do it.

Expecto Patronum

People are hustling to make a difference in geek spaces every day. If you're dreaming big for a 501(c)3 and think you could use my help, get in touch. I'm working to offer reduced rates & free event planning & consulting to qualifying causes.